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Holistic view
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Moran Mazza

Many years in software development industry, most of them in local and global QA management roles and agile implementations, taught me a lot about the variety of aspect, processes, mindsets and perceptions that lead a development lifecycle, as well as the involved challenges.

My academic studies provided me wide perspective on the different factors that affect an organization and its culture.

When entering an organization, I drive the teams to excellent performance by optimizing work methodologies while taking into account the technological aspects. This must be done by understanding the managers’ challenges and built-in conflicts as well as the business needs, and then finding the most relevant processes and practices that will lead to effective workflow and high-quality products.



  • M.A. in Human Resources and Organizational Change Management, Tel Aviv University, Magna cum laude
  • B.Sc. in Biomedical Engineering, Tel Aviv University
  • Professional Scrum Master,
  • Mediation course, Gvahim College, in progress


Quality in Agile workshop

Quality in Agile workshop

Discussing the notion of quality. Mapping the different quality aspects for your product and best practices for achieving your quality goals when working in Agile

Quality processes implementation

Quality processes implementation

Working with QA managers and leaders in the organization for creating the right processes that increase the quality of your products by engaging all stakeholders and team members.

Introduction to Agile workshop

Introduction to Agile workshop

Understanding Agile values and principles, and the change of mindset they induce. Introduction of the main frameworks and practices for effective and continuous change management.

Agile implementation

Agile implementation:

Guiding the change processes – defining the implementation goals with the stakeholders, and mentoring all team members and leaders for effective Agile implementation.

Product quality is set to protect your customers’ needs. I believe that quality is not all about testing, but rather about having the right mindset across the organization.


In order to keep the high standards of both delivery rate and product quality we must adopt organizational culture of quality. The right organizational culture engages all members for effective, accurate and sustainable processes, enabling all stakeholders to be focused on the right tasks, on time.

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